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What is Misinformation?

Misinformation in our current political climate is essentially propaganda distributed by adversarial nations and organizations for the purpose of effecting political outcomes. As a citizen I get to do this through free speech and voting. The Irony The situation is that we want these nations to practice democracy and related principles but because they do not, they do not have the ear of our politicians, so they attempt to utilize our democracy through propaganda which can only be translated into action by the same freedoms of democracy they are not practicing themselves.  Utilizing democracy as a tool indirectly to prevent the implementation of it directly. 😂 Nothing New Misinformation is nothing new. We have faced false advertising for a long time and through a variety of technologies, from your home phone, snail mail, email, websites, and television. Take a look at this article from the Justice Department for 2021 . Though we are making a big deal out of it now, it is not new territ

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in the First Amendment of the US Constitution? I notice a lot of people like to use the First Amendment as justification for their own words but give it very little weight when someone else is speaking, expressing, or conveying a differing point of view. Children commit genocide upon pixels on the flatscreen and we celebrate drug addiction and murdering entire families through music, and it is activity that is protected by the First Amendment. We'll be damned if that same freedom gets extended to someone we disagree with. I think most people take for granted why the First Amendment is the first amendment. It would be my guess that it is the case that no other freedoms can even be discussed without this very basic freedom and responsibility as the very foundation of the discussion.  Freedom For You & From You Freedom is a responsibility if it is to be realized in equal measure. See, freedom for you means restrictions on others so that your freedom is respected, w