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Cruelty Online, Influencers & Time Delayed Consequences

When you search on Bing or Google and you ask a question, you get an answer. These answers are partly based on something called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Which means the factors that cause a site to rank higher are considered in which content to use for an answer to your question. Some of these SEO factors include ratings and links from other websites and the SEO ranking of the sites that link to yours. None of that helps to qualify the accuracy of the actual answer, but it is part of how the search engine decides to answer your question. You can ask the same question in different ways and depending on the content available on the internet you may get conflicting answers, simply because you asked a different way. The algorithms that generate your social media feed are not far from SEO algorithms that but for a few different variables for more of a social context. While this seems logical and innocent, what is happening with influencers on social media is actually really reall